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At 2BA all technical characteristics and trade data of producers and wholesalers from the installation sector are collected in one database. Daily exchange of data with 2BA is possible for all parties so that you always have access to the most up-to-date data.

Content4all, your experienced partner for e-business, product management and content management.

For 20 years, Compano has been the specialist in Product Information Management (PIM) Software within the construction and installation sector. Data management with PIM at Compano means that you control, enrich, structure and classify your data. Classifying can be done with ETIM as standard. One push of a button and you instantly share your current product data to your website or publish it on international data pools.

We help you structure the data by storing this data on a central location in a Product Information Management (PIM) System. By working with a PIM system the Data Quality increases, making your data more valuable to you and your customers. The data is available from anywhere and your employees have access to the most product data.

ETIM International is the international standardization committee for ETIM and is founded to join forces in the development, maintenance, publishing and promotion of one ETIM Model for the classification of technical products. The long-term goal of ETIM International is to achieve that the ETIM model becomes the most used technical information model in the involved industries.

Fesah - Federation Sanitary & Heating

FESAH is the Belgian trade federation of wholesalers in sanitary and heating technologies. She is responsible for defending the general interests of the sector. The entire sector represents an economic interest in Belgium with a turnover of € 2.1 billion.

Webshops, catalogs and product management for manufacturers and wholesalers. Automated and from a single database.

Guideline helps companies to collect, organize and publish product information.

Product information scattered across multiple systems is costing you valuable time and increasing the risk of error. Perfion PIM gives you full control of your data, freeing up your valuable time for core tasks instead of searching for information and managing various systems.

ProPlanet is a leading IT company in the field of data solutions and 3D technology and has specialized knowledge of search processes in combination with design and sales processes. This knowledge makes ProPlanet your ideal partner for Product Information Management Systems, Digital Asset Management and 3D solutions.

Skwirrel is a user-friendly system for classifying products. It is therefore extremely suitable for all companies that trade in (technical) products. Simplicity, clarity and user-friendliness are the most important characteristics of Skwirrel. With Skwirrel you will not only find the pin but also any desired product in a haystack.


Epic Availability. Simply Out-of-the-Box. Bringing consumer and professional products successfully to market has never been easier. SyncForce is the world’s first end-to-end solution for bringing packaged goods to market in a multi-channel world.

We support organizations in the development and implementation of solutions in the area of product content management, multimedia database publishing and e-business.

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