The INSBOU exchange format is an XML-orientated communication report controlled by the Communication Commission for Standards in the Construction and Installation Industry. This exchange format can be used among other things to communicate product and/or sales data and condition reports between various software packages. The XML reports must be coded according to UTF-8 (=Unicode). For more information: WikipediA Unicode.

XML files provided to 2BA must be seen, opened and content-validated according to the associated XSD schema. Ketenstandaard participants can use the XML validation tool (log-in required) on the Ketenstandaard website to check whether their INSBOU files fulfil the SALES standard.

The InstallData data pool and the INSBOU004 data formats provide the option of communicating your product and/or sales data in several language forms. This applies to:

short description
long description
marketing texts
brand, series and type

If you provide data according to INSBOU004, we should like to draw your attention to the fact that the documentation does not contain a reference to the ISO list to be maintained. For this purpose, the InstallData system maintains two-letter ISO 639-1 codes.

Thus among others:

NL - Dutch
EN - English
DE - German
FR - French

More information: Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie

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