Just like ETIM Classification, ETIM-MC or ETIM Modelling Classes (formerly ETIM-RT) are open standards provided by Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie.

A product provided with ETIM-MC characteristic values makes it possible to generate a manufacturer-specific 3D object in combination with a 3D object from the Uniform Objects Library (UOL). This is a crucial step in establishing a Building Information Model (BIM).

If a product class (EC code) into which the relevant product falls is linked to one or several modelling classes (MC code), calculation and design parameters can be defined and communicated via InstallData.

Based on the associated dimensional sketch (available from the Classification Management Tool), specific parameters can then be defined. A distinction is made between alphanumerical, numerical and logical characteristics. With alphanumerical characteristics there is a choice of a fixed series of possible values (such as internal diameter = 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" etc.). Numerical characteristics require a numerical value with a specific unit, such as length = (except radial values). A logical characteristic only provides a yes/no choice. There is also the option of providing the specific port indication.

Given the complexity of the data, we strongly advise the use of PIM software to manage these data. ETIM-MC characteristics can only be provided to InstallData together with the INSBOU file format. See our PIM software partners for more information.


Below is an example of a product provided with calculation and character parameters (ETIM-MC); click here for the product model within the ETIM Classification Management Tool (CMT).

Extensive information:

KBI - ETIM-MC information and publications

UOB -Uniform Objects Library website

The ETIM MC and UOB projects are used throughout the industry:


- Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie is responsible for the maintenance and management of ETIM-MC

- The PIM partners roll ETIM-MC out to manufacturers

- The manufacturers complete the desired MC parameters

- InstallData ensures the basic validation and distribution of the parameters

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