Data sets must be sent to InstallData as compressed files. This is often automatically done by your PIM software. If your software does not include this function, or if you do not use software, you can create a compressed (ZIP) file yourself using various tools.
A compressed file can be provided in the following way:
1. Via the website > https://my.installdata.be/Company/DataDeliveries
2. By HTTPS post: the file is posted to the upload address of InstallData. HTTPS post is easy to use via software and poses the least risk of firewall blocking due to the use of the standard HTTPS port. The https post web operates with basic authentication via HTTPS. 
Address: https://uploads.installdata.be/default.aspx
User name: (same as log-in account)
Password: (same as log-in account)


With process parameters it is possible to give additional assignments and/or relevant information in a data processing. The different process parameters can be supplied in the parameters.xml file. This file can be included in the dataset (ZIP or 7-ZIP file) for every type of file format (INSBOU, BMEcat or PAB).

Process parameters

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