The condition report, also known as an ICC report, is an exchange format with which the conditions (discounts on specific article groups or net prices/discounts) on article numbers) can be communicated.

A condition is a standard or customer-specific agreement on (net) prices or discounts per article or article group. The standard describes is intended for replacing conditions that are applicable to all orders from a single customer. The standard described does not make provision for the exchange of customer-specific agreements about orders for specific projects or agreements on prices or discounts related to volumes or amounts to be purchased.

To ensure the clear communication of sales data, it is of great importance that articles should fall into a predetermined discount group. The supplier assigns the discount code to a group of articles belonging together. All articles belonging to a specific discount group for one consumer will have the same discount. The codes are bilaterally agreed upon via the condition report. 

SALES condition report

The set of SALES reports also includes a condition report. This report provides support for product abbreviations, for example.

Condition server

Both the ICC report and the INSBOU003 Condition Report can be imported into the Condition Server of InstallData.

Download tool and more information:

(Pdf) Description of ASCII Conditions (ICC) 1.1

Condition sheet

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