Product references and/or relations are one of the foremost requirements when it comes to cross-selling. This function allows you inform your consumers about 'related' products. To prevent an uncontrolled increase in relations, consult with the marketing division to find out which relations are relevant for your products. When a product is phased out, the references also need to be updated.

There are three types of relations:

- Product to product (P-P)
- Product to article (P-A)
- Article to article (A-A)

In Unifeed, product relations are displayed at product level in the [Related] tab.

Links at article level are not shown in Unifeed, but are provided with (bulk) data. If the software package into which the data are read supports this function, references may be consulted.

Product relations can be provided according to the exchange format Link table.

Commonly used reference types:

Belongs to
Example: toilet seat -X- belongs with toilet -X-.

Fits to
Example: toilet seat -X- technically fits with toilet -X-.

When a wholesaler makes up a product compilation, he actually wishes to compile a record of his own products.

Example: kettle -X- is comparable to kettle -Y-. The kettles will not necessarily be provided by the same manufacturer.

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