The first step is to use the correct data format. Within the installation sector, producers, suppliers, wholesalers, installers and software companies, led by Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie, have defined agreements about the manner in which they wish to communicate product and sales data among each other. The use of this format is the point of departure for all subsequent steps of the step-by-step plan.

The choice of the communication standard to be used strongly depends on the (ERP/PIM) software package used within your organisation. Ask your ICT Division or software supplier about the export options for your package. If your software does not offer the option of exporting one of the formats below, you can make use of the InstallData Excel tools made available by InstallData for a start.

File formats

Ketenstandaard Bouw en Installatie

INSBOU 003 / 004


BMEcat 2005 ETIM 3.1

ETIM Foundation


GS1 address code (GLN)

To communicate, you need a GLN address code. With a GLN (Global Location Number or GS1 address number), your organisation identifies itself as a legal and functional entity. The GLN is a unique code and is issued and managed by the international organisation GS1. If your organisation already has a GS1 address code, you can also look this up at GS1 on the basis of a GTIN or company name. If your organisation does not yet have a GS1 address code, you can request this from GS1.

Requesting a GS1 adress code (GLN)

Searching for a GS1 adress code


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