We have received requests from various parties to provide links between products, articles or products and articles. The so-called link table is an extension of the PAB product and article report.

The current model has the following links:

- At product level: successor and predecessor

- At article/sales level: reference to product, successor and predecessor

In addition to the aforementioned links, all other types of links are contained in a separate link table. We can distinguish between 3 types of relations in this regard:

- Product to product (P-P),

- Product to article (P-A),

- Article to article (A-A),

If the manufacturer provides these data, the products that match the selected product are shown in Unifeed under the "Related" tab. 


(Zip) Link table

(Pdf) Description of link table data format (Dutch)

(Pdf) Description Products and Article Relations (English)

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