Classification of the technical product specifications is required in order to use data during all steps of the operating process. Step four is the first step of the ETIM classification. During this step, the product is divided into the product class to which it belongs (using an EC code). Products already provided with a product class can be generally linked to installation parts and the calculation of standard times. At the same time, the product class provides access for search structures in (online) catalogues.

Product class

A product class is the standard description of a group of products that physically and/or functionally correspond and can thus be described with the same collection of characteristics and limit values. ETIM is manufacturer-neutral, i.e. the classification contains no brand-specific terms and/or descriptions.

The product class is indicated by means of the international EC code (formerly the UBIM code). There are various methods to identify the correct product class, including the following:

ETIM Classification Management Tool (International)

PIM software


In addition to technical characteristics (Step 5) per product class, a product class is linked to synonyms, so that a search structure according to the ETIM classification will provide more hits and your products will thus be found earlier and better.


ETIM stands for European Technical Information Model, which is internationally applied. Given that the classification is based on an internationally applicable coding, the classification (and thus also the technical characteristics associated with it) can be easily used in several languages. For the language versions available, please consult ETIM Classification Management Tool.

Software partners

InstallData has entered into a partnership with a number of leading software providers regarding ETIM classification. The point of departure of this partnership is to join forces in actively ensuring that links and data provision receive the maximum amount of technical support possible. Just think of developments in the field of communication standards, functionality as well as import and export options.


More information about ETIM:

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