InstallData reviews the neutral data service (data pool) for the managed and automated exchange of electronic article data between the supplier and consumer on the basis of ETIM standards. The objective is as follows: "the management and distribution of product and article data of high quality for various market segments such as the installation, construction and maritime sectors.

Data quality ‚Äč

- Standardisation
- Consistency
- Completeness
- Integrity
- Currency

Due to the various application options, the term "data quality" is very widespread. Installers who use the data as a basis for a logistical process (order, order processing and invoicing) have different quality requirements for data to installers who use the files for design and technical calculations. Wholesalers who make use of the data to compile (electronic) catalogues, on the other hand, have different quality requirements yet again.

To guarantee data quality, various reviews can be carried out on product and sales data:

validation based on the use of valid reports
validation based on content fields such as GTIN, for example
validation based on history (both automatic and manual)
validation based on 3D-defined objects (ETIM-MC/UOB)


InstallData would like to meet the various quality requirements, but this is only possible when producers and suppliers provide their data within a joint vision. In addition, not all parties have come equally far in the process of electronic distribution of their product or article data. InstallData comes to the assistance of all the parties by using its step-by-step plan as a guideline for the provision of product and sales data.


The data supplier is the source and thus at all times responsible for his data, which are distributed via the InstallData data pool. Product information holds an important place within the operating processes and thus requires the necessary attention.
The data consumer, on the other hand, is responsible for maintenance and updates within his system and the correct use of the data received.

Supply route

There are various routes available to publish product and/or sales data. In summary, the provision process is as follows:

Delivery of product and/or article data

Data review via processing report

Approval/rejection of processing for online publication


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