The third step is to add basic product information to the relevant sales information. This concerns product information in its most elementary form. Basically, the manufacturer/producer is responsible for ensuring the correct product data. These data form the identification of the product.

This basic information consists of the following:

1. Product identification (including GTIN, product code and description)

2. Brand, series and type (possibility of subdivision/filtering)

3. Commercial information (appendices, deep links and product references/relations)

The following distinction is made between the organisations that have the "right" to provide and review product data:

Manufacturer and producer

The parties that have the undisputed right to a product or brand. From a technical data point of view, manufacturers and producers are similar companies - they provide the product data under their own GLN and, if required, also sales data.

Importer and agent

An importer or agent may be appointed by InstallData to provide product data on behalf of a manufacturer or producer. The product data are provided under the GLN of the relevant manufacturer and are given the correct brand, while the sales records are provided under the GLN of each individual organisation. Such a right is temporary and can only be allocated in consultation with InstallData.


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