Clicking on a product rule will display the product details. This overview consists of several tab sheets, depending on the user rights.

Supplier tab sheet
The Supplier tab sheet provides an overview of the suppliers for this product. The gross price information is shown by default; provided that the Online Condition Server is used and that conditions have been entered for the relevant sales records, net price information will also be displayed.

The "Copy" column offers the option of copying articles to the personal selection list. If an "external link/interface" has been set, it is also possible to copy the article directly to a software package. When copying, it is also possible to set the number of articles.

Characteristics tab sheet
The Characteristics tab sheet contains the ETIM product characteristics provided by the manufacturer, as well as any ETIM MC characteristics or other characteristics for the product in question.

Appendices tab sheet
The Appendices tab sheet displays the appendices provided by the manufacturer, also known as "digital assets". 

Digital assets refer to files such as the following:

- Photo material (incl. metadata, such as resolution, number of pixels, dimensions, 3D views)
- Film material (incl. metadata, such as resolution, number of pixels, dimensions, 3D views)
- Technical documents, such as drawings, schemas, specifications
- CAD/3D objects and symbols
- User manuals and processing instructions
- Animations, schemas and drawings
- Sound fragments
- Certificates
- Other documents, including e-mails, presentations, etc.

Related tab sheet
The Related tab sheet contains any product references and/or relations.


Each product and article detail chart within Unifeed contains feedback buttons. This function allows you to enter questions and/or remarks via a ticket system, which are then sent to the data officer of the relevant data provider. These questions or remarks may be about subjects such as inaccurate GTINs, incorrect product references or (inaccurate) classification, but also questions about sales data such as price information, order data or logistics information.

Feedback from data consumers plays a very important role in improving the data. Your feedback enables the data officer to take direct action to provide data of a higher quality level!

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