Visual support in combination with supplementary information is essential for optimal product positioning. Products can thus be enhanced with attachments, also known as "digital assets".

Digital assets are mainly used by wholesalers to support product information on online catalogues, but also for (printed) materials such as leaflets, newsletters and flyers. Attachments are also available to consumers. The point of departure is that a product must at least be provided with a (freely chosen) image, preferably in high resolution. See the AttachmentIndex file format description for the desired minimum specifications.

Digital assets include attachments such as the following:

- Photo material (including metadata such as resolution, number of pixels, dimensions, 3D views)
- Film material (including metadata such as resolution, number of pixels, dimensions, 3D views)
- Technical documents (including drawings, schemas, specifications)
- CAD/3D objects and symbols
- User manuals and processing instructions
- Animations, schemas and drawings
- Sound fragments
- Certificates (including DoP certificates, RoH certificates, CE marking and guarantee declarations).


The file formats INSBOU (V004) and BMEcat include the option of including information attachments (references) in the data file. When use is made of the PAB or INSBOU (V003 or lower), attachments can be provided with the AttachmentIndex format.

If you wish to receive the AttachmentIndex, you can send an e-mail to your contact person or to


Consumers are able to download the attachments via the selection profile or Attachments Webservice.

The thumbnails produced by 2BA are also available for external use. This takes place via the Thumbnail WebService.

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