If your software does not support the PAB format, you can make use of the input sheet. The input sheet is Excel-orientated and makes it possible to view your data via the PAB exchange format, as well as to edit and possible upload your data to the InstallData database.

The input sheet is intended for:

- Importing and mutating sales data
- Importing and mutating product data
- Specifying product classes (brand, series, type, EC/UBIM code)
- Importing price lists
- Importing and exporting according to the PAB2 format
- Automatic compression of export files
- Automatic uploading of data files to InstallData (InstallData account with upload rights required)


Input sheet P2_38_NL_ENG (V75) Excel 2007 and higher [32Bit]

Input sheet P2_38_NL_ENG (V75) Excel 2003 [SP3, 32Bit]


*** Important information ***

The input sheet has been tested on: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8.x and Ms Excel 2003 NL (SP3)/Excel NL 2007 (SP2) (Compatible mode)*.

Depending on the amount of data these sheets are to contain, it may be necessary to make use of a better-quality PC with sufficient memory and processing capacity. (The preference is for at least 4Gb memory and multicore processor systems.) The .xlsb sheet has been tested on a Win7, 64bit, i7, 8Gb, SSD and was found to work well with 300,000 article and product records with linked conditional formatting or up to 600,000 records without formatting.



In Excel, the macros need to be activated and the input sheet does not work (well) with so-called international (corporate) versions. Despite the fact that the input sheet has been well tested, there are many reasons why it might not work well, most of which are due to rights, settings and/or other platforms. Ask your (system) manager for assistance to activate or examine these settings.

If the input sheet is started directly from an e-mail client and/or web browser, the macros might not be activated; this is a Microsoft standard safety setting. To ensure proper functioning, the sheet must always be saved to a safe location/folder. Also see the blue rules below - these are links to sites and locations that provide more information about the indicated subjects.

* VBA (macros) in environments other than Windows OS are not supported by InstallData!

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